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Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach Zhineng Qigong Coach

„I found my qigong.
I found my way.“

Many years ago,
when I came to know Zhineng Qigong,
I sensed an effect on the very first evening.
Half an hour after I returned home
my palms and the top of my head
became hot.
I knew this was meant for me.

„When the student is ready,
the teacher will appear.“

„Of three people you meet
one can be your teacher.“

Whenever necessary
I got to know the exercises I needed.
I met people who helped me along
and supported me.
I thank all of them
for the sharing of thoughts and experiences, especially my Chinese teachers and masters.

„Knowledge is not to own but to share.“
We build upon
the treasure of knowledge
of our forebears.
It is ours to share
the knowledge we have
with others and to hand it down
to those who follow us.
It is now my time
to share my knowledge
on Zhineng Qigong with others
and to support them.
This will expand and deepen my own views.

„Life is full of surprises.“
On my website
I try to let shine through
my being and my way of thinking.
If this appeals to you,
we should get to know each other.
May I be your companion
on your way for some time?




Zhineng Qigong Coach

 Zhineng Qigong Coach
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