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Good Practice – Zhineng Qigong works

Good practice is regular practice.
Often it seems difficult to practise every day.
It's not an effort that is needed, but a decision.

A few thoughts on regular practice:
Everyone knows the saying „Constant dripping wears the stone.“
Many things are not new. We often do things unconsciously. This is about being aware of doing them.

Why is it so important to practise Zhineng Qigong regularly ?
You only get the full qi effect if qi is activated within the next 24 hours. If this is not done, you start again from scratch.
So practising Zhineng Qigong only once a week is not successful.

An example:
After 3 months of practising once weekly you are still on day one.

After 100 days of daily practice you are on day 100 and the qi effect has increased accordingly.

What is a 100-day-gong ?
Chinas old masters proved it already. A movement that you repeat again and again on 100 days is stored in your subconscious. This enables the practitioner to get into it deeper and deeper.

Why is it so important to practise 30 minutes at once ?
The Chinese found out: a full run of qi through the meridians takes 28 minutes. This means a full activation of all qi function circles, if you practise 30 minutes.

How do you practise in the right way ?
Part of it is the form of the method. To fill the form with content you need a good qigong coach. To help the practitioner to find his personal path and to accompany him during the 100-days-gongs. Questions that arise are answered.

How much attention do I get ?
This depends upon the number of participants in a course. The larger the number the less, the smaller the number the more attention you will get.

The understanding of a coach in Chinese thinking
You say which method you teach. Here: Zhineng Qigong.
You get information on the method before you book the course.
You get information on the coach.
You get information on how the coach learned it.
The coach says for how long she has been practising this method.
She shows her skill, e.g. video on website, public practice in the park.





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