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Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach

Pang Ming (Pang He Ming),
Tai Ji Quan & Qigong Grandmaster


born in 1940, the founder of Zhineng Qigong nowadays dedicates his time to research and the writing of books.

Some excerpts of his many books have been translated and are available in English language.


智能气功 Zhineng Qigong - Peng Qi Guan Ding Fa – Pang Ming


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智能气功 Zhineng Qigong - Chen Qi – Pang Ming

There are further additional exercises besides the basic exercise of each level.
In the workshop the Zhineng Qigong Coach will tell you when to use them and what for.


Audio recording of Dr. Pang Ming







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