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Audio recording of Dr. Pang Ming

When a person is present, you hear the original voice in its full extent, then you are also aware of the qi of the person. An audio recording does not contain everything.
However, with recordings of Pang Ming you are quite aware of his qi.
You can simply listen to the recording and let it work on you or you can practise -
e.g. La Qi.

zhinengqigong PangMing
Dr. Pang Ming during a Tai Ji exercise

La Qi

Audio file: LaQi.mp3
Length: approx. 30 minutes

The personal contact between practitioners and teachers in a course is very important
as some of the knowledge of the teacher is also transmitted and gathered
unconsciously by the participant.
The effect often comes later and is then understood.



Further recordings:

The eight verses "Ding Tian Li Di"


Audio file: ZuChang_PangMing.mp3
Length: aprox. 2 minutes


Hun Yuan Ling Tong




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