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Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach
How did it start?


Mental, physical stress, lack of motion led me
into a state of fatigue.
Climbing stairs without pauses was no more possible.
I had become short-winded.
In addition there were skin rashes and eczema.
I am allergic.

A test at the doctor's showed: everything normal.
A medical treatment for general recuperation was granted.
In the spa: long walks in the fresh air,
I got to know nature again,
became aware of it and deemed it precious.
The fatigue disappeared.
I got hints how to deal with stress.
I returned to everyday life a changed person.
After the spa: I continued with the exercises I learned
for keeping physically and mentally fit.
Everyone knows it: after some time these exercises
seemed monotonous and always the same.
You lose interest.
Long walks in the woods and through nature
are all that remains.
I looked for a substitute and booked a course of self-acting training.
It helped but did not attain the end I longed for.
I booked a course Tai Ji Quan – Yang style.
Then at last it happened.
I sensed how the stiffness in my movements grew less by and by
and improvement showed.
Power returned to my legs.
Agility returned to arms, legs and hips.
Coordinated exercises were still very difficult for me.
My memory was also failing me.
I just could not memorize the sequences.
The impression prevailed:
will this take for ever to learn ?
What is still missing ?

However, by now 6 years had passed away

How Zhineng Qigong changed me and worked

The path to health and well-being
I had not found it
The term Qigong was not unknown to me from Tai Ji Quan.
But I did not combine anything definite with it.
I booked a course Zhineng Qigong.
It was an intensive course.
3 hours daily for two weeks, except Saturdays and Sundays.
We did the basic exercises levels 1 and 2.
On the very first day I had a reaction.
My palms and the top of my head
became quite hot.
The teacher was a Chinese lady.
She had learned to teach Zhineng Qigong in China.
After the intensive course I immediately booked a follow-up course.
When the weather was fine and during vacation time
we practised in the open air.
In summer, between the running courses,
we practised in the park.
This practice was free of charge.
So, early on I got well acquainted with the idea:
Practising should not cost anything.
Providing knowledge for good practice cannot be done gratuitously.
Zhineng Qigong also helped me with Tai Ji Quan.
During that time my mother moved into a home for the elderly.
She had dementia.
Tai Ji Quan and Zhineng Qigong helped me mentally
through this time and also over the death of my mother.
I learned several exercises of Tai Ji Quan.
I became more and more aware of my body and
sensed the effects.
I witnessed the small heaven's cycle.
It is not practised especially.
I sensed the purifying effect for the body.
Then came the change from Yang style to Wudang style.
In a workshop Master Tian Liyang
taught the first 20 movements.

I began the teacher's training for Zhineng Qigong.

By now 10 years had passed away

My path became apparent.
I learned the Wudang style more easily and more rapidly.
In particular the uninterrupted flow of qi.
Master Tian Liyang paid special attention to this.

The daily practice had consequences.
Reactions through the skin increased.
The doctor told me:
this is caused by stress.
Ointments can only linder it.
It cannot be cured.

I firmly booked a journey to China
to Master Luke Chan.
It was in March 2006.
A special experience.
The long flight to Hong Kong, overnight stay,
continued travel by ferry to Zhongshan.
6 hours daily of Zhineng Qigong – levels 1 and 2,
Chinese cooking, Chinese massage and TCM -
Traditional Chinese Medicine worked on me.
Also, what the Chinese lady doctor told me:
the skin rashes can be cured.
Who's to wonder:
after 4 weeks' stay in China
return to Germany
I have difficulties to get back into everyday life.

I came back recuperated, strengthened,
the left and right halves of my body had become one,
my body was firmly shaped,
I had lost weight and felt younger.

In September of that year I pass the exam.
I am allowed to teach level 1.
My decision: I continue.
Then a workshop with Master Luke Chan.
My knowledge on Zhineng Qigong expands.
More and more exercises are added.
100-day-gongs are now part of my daily life.

In the beginning the area of my shoulders and arms
had been like frozen.
Beginning agility, then everything awakens to full life.
Again and again pains leave my body.

Next workshop with Master Tian Liyang.
We learn the movements 21-40 of the Wudang style.

Zhineng Qigong workshop in Spain in Casa El Morisco
I get deeper and deeper into the Flying Crane.
Zhineng Qigong works more than ever
into the inner parts of my body.
The central meridian fills up.
The middle axis asserts itself.
This is also called the Centerline.

On the professional side it is totally different:
loss of work,
short-time job in a callcenter,
occurrences that would have thrown me off my path previously

Zhineng Qigong moves to centerstage.
Tai Ji Quan moves to the background,
although I am advancing there, too.

August 2007 second journey to China
to Master Luke Chan for 2 months
Daily 6 hours of Zhineng Qigong,
Chinese cooking, Chinese massage, TCM -
Traditional Chinese Medicine.
I practise levels 1, 2 and 3.
I am advancing, losing weight as during the first visit,
many new acquaintances, many new impressions.
Return travel by ferry to Hong Kong,
the return flight = 12 hours sitting,
hardly possible to move about,
are less demanding than the first time.
Adjusting again after the arrival in Germany is also easier.

In December – exam for level 2
I am allowed to teach levels 1 and 2.

Workshop with Master Tian Liyang.
We learn the movements 41-64.
The Wudang Tai Ji Quan form is now complete.
This took three years.
I sense more and more the flow of qi during the Tai Ji Quan exercises.
The movements get easier.
Qi is real – I sense it here as in Zhineng Qigong.

However, on the professional side it goes badly.
My contact person at the unemployment agency asks:
Did you ever think of starting your own business ?
Earn my living with Zhineng Qigong ?
I am thinking about it.

I continue practising Zhineng Qigong – now level 3 – and decide
to start my own business.
I go to workshops for business start-ups,
prepare for starting on my own,
think about marketing and internet website
and the technical necessities.

What came out of it:
restoring health ?
get rid of the skin rashes ?

Well – the skin rashes are decreasing or have disappeared.
Eczema have grown smaller and are disappearing.
I've grown stronger mentally.
I have a new profession and am learning new things every day.

One thing is certain - Qi is real and Zhineng Qigong works




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