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Zhineng Qigong Coach
Zhineng Qigong Coach
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Qigong is an art.
Qigong is part of the Chinese martial arts
– the inner practice „Nei Gong“
with Kungfu or Tai Ji Quan.
Qigong is one of the columns of
Traditional Chinese Medicine.
every doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine
also learned qigong as part of his training.

There are hundreds of different qigong systems.
The main schools are
the Buddhist, Daoist and Confucian schools,
martial arts as well as Medical Qigong.
There exist further family styles
that are handed down
within a family in a closed circle.

The term qigong came only into use
in the last decades of the 20th century.
Before that this discipline was called „to realize Dao“.
Gong means
„constant effort and training of your skills“.
Qi comprises so much in Chinese
that it is not recommandable to translate it.
The Chinese know many types of qi.

Zhineng Qigong works
with the Hun Yuan Qi.
Pang Ming developed the Hun Yuan Qi Theory
as a basis for the practice methods.
He laid down instructions of how to organize a qi field.
We practise the methods in the qi field,
which facilitates the learning and increases the effects.

In former times
a master passed on his knowledge
only to a few disciples.
The old traditional qigong systems
are mostly closed systems.
You work with the qi that is available in your body.
When the student has reached a high level,
only then he opens up to the qi surrounding him.
The reactions to such an opening up
can be very drastic.
But a master of the martial arts
only accepted healthy people as students.

With Zhineng Qigong
we open up
to the qi surrounding us
right at the beginning.
We increase the exchange of qi
between our body and our surroundings.
We collect additional qi and store it in our body.
This is how we increase the energy resources
available to us.
When we have collected enough qi,
the self-healing powers are activated.
Qi starts to act on its own and
begins the healing or cleaning process.
This can lead to qi reactions.
You may get the impression
that an old illness breaks out again.
But this is not the case.
It just means that qi works
and the last remainders of the illness
are removed from your body.
These qi reactions can differ
from person to person
and you should consult your coach in this respect.

Zhineng Qigong works through daily practice.
To learn and get deeper into a method
we do the 100-days-gong.
A 100-days-gong means,
that we practise a method every day for 100 days.
The daily practice time is at least 30 minutes.
This is the time the qi in the meridians needs
for a full run through all function circles.
Thus the practice activates the complete energy cycle
and works into the entire body.






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